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Today I am engaging in an informal partnership with the ASPCA, the American Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It's a organization I have always privately believed in, but today I am taking that support one step forward. Starting today, I will donate 25% of my donations and book proceeds to the American Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals, with one catch. If you can help me sell one thousand copies of my book between now and January 2, 2018, not only will I raise that to 35 percent of my proceeds, I will make that donation level permanent for as long as I live and as long as I sell this book. Please join with me in supporting this very important cause. Thank you for consideration and time.

I am not officially affliated with the ASPCA but I still want to help raise funds and awareness for this important organization!

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I am a new first time science fiction For more information about my book, and I am looking to build both a fanbase and get development help for this book. Please visit the other tabs on my website. If any other questions, please post a note here or on that website. Thank you very much and God Bless you!

Please be advised that this is a DIGITAL product in the form of a PDF file. Since I do not use DRM (Digital Rights Management), and I have no means or desire to remotely delete, alter, control, or remove my product from consumer devices remotely, I have no means of providing refunds, as I have no way of verifying that after granting the refund that you no longer possess my digital property. I do provide a free two-chapter sample of my product offering more than 420 pages of no obligation enjoyment of my product. I also warranty my product for one year, and I also provide one year of free updates to my product. My apologies for the inconvenience and my deep gratitude for your understanding in this matter

If you are an artist or offer services applicable to the further development of my book, I would be more than happy to offer promotional consideration for you in my book in exchange for application of products or services applicable to my book. Please consult me for more details.

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Xybears The Last Heroes First Edition


This is a free no-risk sample of my science fiction book. Consists of the first two chapters of the full book. Instant digital product delivery.

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Not interested in buying a book but still want to help? If you elect not to purchase a product but still want to support my initative, please feel free to donate! Every $9.95 in donations is converted to credit for sale of one book. Thank you so much!